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Awami Laboratories was established 29 years back in 1984. From then onward Awami has contrived to grow into a trustworthy organization setting the pace in high quality herbal products and health services.

Awami Laboratories® sets the standard in the herbal medicine manufacturing industry by transforming traditional herbs and healing knowledge combining latest manufacturing tools and techniques into today’s acceptable medicinal products. Our commitment to quality and innovation extends to our interactions with you not only at our affiliate stores but also even after you buy our products.We are working on ISO-9001 guidelines for ensuring quality health standards.

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Awami Laboratories® is actively collaborating and learning from various philosophies of treatment to bring common things on ground for the betterment of health services in Pakistan and abroad. We have invented medicines which have given measurable results in obesity related diseases. Our team is actively working to bring reliable and trusted solutions for current era major killers which includes but not limited to diabetes, cardio vascular issues, cancer, hepatitis and aids etc……Read More


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